Bob  is the founder and president of Victory Over Depression - VOD Ministries.  Bob has grown through severe depression for much of his life when he was young.  Today Bob is passionate to help many who suffer depression. 

Bob’s own words describe his depression, “Depression had personally affected me for 30+ years, even 17 of those years as a born again Christian.  The deep pain of a broken heart that I experienced was indescribable.  The fear, the insecurity of being rejected, and the constant longing for my peers to accept me lingered for decades.  Daily fears and daily tears crying myself to sleep were very common.  I was one ‘basket case’.  Depression had a severe stronghold on my life”. 

 Those days of depression he suffered are now gone.  They have brought Bob to the healing and victory that so many strive for.  It is accomplished through a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. 
Bob’s desire is to share the principles God used to heal him.  Bob’s greatest passion is showing the love of God with everyone. 

​ Bob is an author, speaker, and teacher on the subject of Victory Over Depression.  He writes spiritual, growth books and Bible Studies with an emphasis on growing in a relationship with God.  Bob uses the lessons that God used to heal him of depression to share in his writings. 

For those seeking Victory Over Depression, Bob wants to express the following information to answer or clarify any questions or misunderstandings about VOD Ministries.

  • ​I am not a licensed medical professional or therapist. 
  • For very serious cases, get immediate medical or mental assistance. 
  • The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24 hours per day
  •                      – 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Use medication appropriately, but never as a band aid solution for a broken heart. 
  • Not everyone is depressed.
  • There is a normal grief period, (ex. death of a loved one.)
  • Some depression is justifiable, (ex. chemical imbalance.)
  • I offer a spiritual healing to be incorporated with any other approach (physical and mental) that will make the person WHOLE.
  • The Biblical truths I will share are applicable to any trial, test, or adversity in your life.  

About Bob Bennett